influx apply

The influx apply command applies InfluxDB templates. For information about finding and using InfluxDB templates, see Use InfluxDB templates.


influx apply [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput TypeMaps to ?
-c--active-configCLI configuration to use for commandstring
--configs-pathPath to influx CLI configurations (default ~/.influxdbv2/configs)stringINFLUX_CONFIGS_PATH
--disable-colorDisable color in output
--disable-table-bordersDisable table borders
-e--encodingEncoding of the input streamstring
--env-refEnvironment references to provide with the template (format: --env-ref=REF_KEY=REF_VALUE)string
-f--filePath to template file (supports HTTP(S) URLs or file paths)string
--filterResources to skip when applying the template (filter by kind or resource)string
--forceIgnore warnings about destructive changes
-h--helpHelp for the apply command
--hostHTTP address of InfluxDB (default http://localhost:8086)stringINFLUX_HOST
--jsonOutput data as JSONINFLUX_OUTPUT_JSON
-o--orgOrganization name that owns the bucketstringINFLUX_ORG
--org-idOrganization ID that owns the bucketstringINFLUX_ORG_ID
-q--quietDisable output printing
-R--recurseRecurse through files in the directory specified in -f, --file
--secretSecrets to provide with the template (format: --secret=SECRET_KEY=SECRET_VALUE)string
--skip-verifySkip TLS certificate verification
--stack-idStack ID to associate when applying the templatestring
-t--tokenAuthentication tokenstringINFLUX_TOKEN


# Apply a template from a file.
influx apply -f path/to/template.json

# Apply a template from a URL.
influx apply -f

# Apply a stack that has associated templates.
influx apply --stack-id $STACK_ID

# Apply a template associated with a stack.
# Stacks make template application idempotent.
influx apply -f path/to/template.json --stack-id $STACK_ID

# Apply multiple template files together.
influx apply \
  -f path/to/template_1.json \
  -f path/to/template_2.yml

# Apply a template from STDIN.
cat template.json | influx apply --encoding json

# Apply all templates in a directory.
influx apply -f path/to/template_directory

# Recurse through a directory and its subdirectories and apply all templates.
influx apply -R -f path/to/template_directory

# Apply templates from multiple sources – directory, file, and URL.
influx apply \
  -f path/to/template.yml
  -f path/to/templates_directory

# Apply a template, but skip resources. The following example skips all buckets
# and the dashboard whose field matches "example-dashboard".

# Filter format:
#	--filter=kind=Bucket
#	--filter=resource=Label:$Label_TMPL_NAME

influx apply \
	-f path/to/template.yml \
	--filter kind=Bucket \
	--filter resource=Dashboard:example-dashboard

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