Monitor Raspberry Pi

Use the Raspberry Pi Monitoring template to monitor your Raspberry Pi 4 or 400 Linux system.

The Raspberry Pi template includes the following:

Apply the template

  1. Use the influx CLI to run the following command:

    influx apply -f

    For more information, see influx apply.

  2. Install Telegraf on your Raspberry Pi and ensure your Raspberry Pi has network access to the InfluxDB Cloud API.

  3. Add the following environment variables to your Telegraf environment:

    export INFLUX_HOST=http://localhost:8086
    export INFLUX_TOKEN=mY5uP3rS3cr3T70keN
    export INFLUX_ORG=example-org
  4. Start Telegraf.

View the incoming data

  1. In the InfluxDB user interface (UI), select Boards (Dashboards).

  2. Click the Raspberry Pi System link to open your dashboard, then select rasp-pi as your bucket and select your linux_host.

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