InfluxDB Cloud plans

InfluxDB Cloud offers a Free Plan, a Usage-Based Plan to pay as you go, and a discounted Annual Plan.

Free Plan

All new InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) accounts start with Free Plan that provides a limited number of resources and data usage. See plan limits.

Usage-Based Plan

The Usage-Based Plan offers more flexibility and ensures you only pay for what you use. Usage-Based Plans are based on consumption as measured by usage on the pricing vectors.

Usage-Based Plans also offer access to all notification endpoints such as PagerDuty, Slack, HTTP, and endpoints available in Flux.

Pricing vectors

The Usage-Based Plan uses the following pricing vectors to calculate InfluxDB Cloud billing costs:

  • Data out is the total sum of the data (measured in GB) returned to the user to answer a query, also known as data transfer costs.
  • Query count is the total number of individual query operations:
    • Each individual operation—including queries, tasks, alerts, notifications, and Data Explorer activity—is one billable query operation.
    • Refreshing a dashboard with multiple cells will incur multiple query operations.
    • Failed operations aren’t counted.
  • Data In is the amount of data you’re writing into InfluxDB (measured in MB).
  • Storage is the amount of data you’re storing in InfluxDB (measured in GB/hour).

Discover how to manage InfluxDB Cloud billing.

Annual Plan

An Annual Plan offers a discount for a commitment to a specific amount of usage over set period of time. This plan uses the same pricing vectors and calculation methodology as Usage-Based Plans.

Interested in an Annual Plan? Reach out to InfluxData Sales.

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