Invite a user

Use the InfluxDB Cloud user interface (UI) to invite users to collaborate in your InfluxDB Cloud organization.

You cannot invite someone who already has an account. Users on the Free Plan are limited to one organization.

Invite a user

  1. In the InfluxDB Cloud UI, click your user avatar in the left navigation menu, and select Users.

  2. Under Add a new user to your organization, enter the email address of the user to invite. (Users must be invited one at a time.)

  3. Click Add & Invite.

An invitation with an activation link is sent to the specified email address. The activation link expires after 72 hours.

Once activated, the new user is added as an Owner with permissions to read and write all resources.

Accounts can have up to 50 pending invitations at one time.

Withdraw an invitation

  1. In the InfluxDB Cloud UI, select the user avatar in the left navigation menu, and select Users.

  2. Click the next to the invitation you want to withdraw.

  3. Confirm the withdrawl.


Currently, Cloud has only one permission level: Owner. With Owner permissions, a user can delete resources and other users from your organization. Take care when inviting a user.

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