Apache Arrow Flight RPC clients

Flight RPC and Flight SQL clients are language-specific drivers that interact with databases using the Arrow in-memory format and the Flight RPC protocol. Apache Arrow Flight RPC and Flight SQL protocols define APIs for servers and clients.

Use InfluxDB v3 client libraries

We recommend using InfluxDB v3 client libraries for integrating InfluxDB v3 with your application code. Client libraries wrap Apache Arrow Flight clients and provide convenient methods for writing, querying, and processing data stored in InfluxDB Cloud Serverless.

Flight RPC clients can use SQL or InfluxQL to query data stored in an InfluxDB Cloud Serverless bucket. Using InfluxDB v3’s IOx-specific Flight RPC protocol, clients send a single DoGet() request to authenticate, query, and retrieve data.

Flight SQL clients use the Flight SQL protocol for querying an SQL database server. They can use SQL to query data stored in an InfluxDB Cloud Serverless bucket, but they can’t use InfuxQL.

Clients are maintained by Apache Arrow projects or third-parties. For specifics about a Flight client, see the client’s GitHub repository.

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