influxctl management create

The influxctl management create command creates a management token to be used with an InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated cluster. Management tokens authorize a user to perform administrative tasks on the InfluxDB instance such as creating and deleting databases, managing users, and other administrative tasks.

Management tokens do not provide access to databases or data in databases. Only database tokens with “read” or “write” permissions can access data in databases.

The optional --expires-at flag defines the token expiration date and time. Provide an RFC3999 date string–for example: 2024-07-24T00:00:00Z. If not set, the token does not expire until revoked.

The --format flag lets you print the output in other formats. The json format is available for programmatic parsing by other tooling. Default: table.

Store secure tokens in a secret store

Management token strings are returned only on token creation. We recommend storing management tokens in a secure secret store.


influxctl management create [flags]


--descriptionManagement token description
--expires-atToken expiration date
--formatOutput format (table (default) or json)
-h--helpOutput command help


Create a management token with no expiration

influxctl management create

Create a management token with an expiration and description

influxctl management create \
--description "

Replace the following:

  • RFC3339_EXPIRATION: An RFC3339 date string to expire the token at–for example: 2024-07-24T00:00:00Z.
  • TOKEN_DESCRIPTION: Management token description.

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