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InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated is a hosted and managed InfluxDB Cloud cluster dedicated to a single tenant. The InfluxDB time series platform is designed to handle high write and query loads. Learn how to use and leverage InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated for your specific time series use case.

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The InfluxDB IOx storage engine

InfluxDB IOx is InfluxDB’s next generation storage engine that unlocks series limitations present in the Time Structured Merge Tree (TSM) storage engine. InfluxDB IOx allows infinite series cardinality without any impact on overall database performance. It also brings with it native SQL support and improved InfluxQL performance.

View the following video for more information about InfluxDB IOx:

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Introducing InfluxDB 3.0

The new core of InfluxDB built with Rust and Apache Arrow. Available today in InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated.

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State of the InfluxDB Cloud Serverless documentation

The new documentation for InfluxDB Cloud Serverless is a work in progress. We are adding new information and content almost daily. Thank you for your patience!

If there is specific information you’re looking for, please submit a documentation issue.