duration() function

duration() converts a value to a duration type.

duration() treats integers and unsigned integers as nanoseconds. For a string to be converted to a duration type, the string must use duration literal representation.

Function type signature
(v: A) => duration
For more information, see Function type signatures.



(Required) Value to convert.


Convert a string to a duration

duration(v: "1h20m")// Returns 1h20m

Convert numeric types to durations

duration(v: 4800000000000)

// Returns 1h20m
duration(v: uint(v: 9600000000000))// Returns 2h40m

Convert values in a column to durations

Flux does not support duration column types. To store durations in a column, convert duration types to strings.

    |> map(fn: (r) => ({r with _value: string(v: duration(v: r._value))}))

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