Documentation function writes data to an SQL database.

Function type signature
    <-tables: stream[A],
    dataSourceName: string,
    driverName: string,
    table: string,
    ?batchSize: int,
) => stream[A]
For more information, see Function type signatures.



(Required) Driver used to connect to the SQL database.

Supported drivers:

  • bigquery
  • hdb
  • mysql
  • postgres
  • snowflake
  • sqlite3 (Does not work with InfluxDB OSS or InfluxDB Cloud)
  • sqlserver
  • vertica, vertigo


(Required) Data source name (DNS) or connection string used to connect to the SQL database.


(Required) Destination table.


Number of parameters or columns that can be queued within each call to Exec. Default is 10000.

If writing to SQLite database, set the batchSize to 999 or less.


Input data. Default is piped-forward data (<-).

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