json.encode() function

json.encode() converts a value into JSON bytes.

This function encodes Flux types as follows:

  • time values in RFC3339 format
  • duration values in number of milliseconds since the Unix epoch
  • regexp values as their string representation
  • bytes values as base64-encoded strings
  • function values are not encoded and produce an error
Function type signature
(v: A) => bytes
For more information, see Function type signatures.



(Required) Value to convert.


Encode a value as JSON bytes

import "json"

jsonData = {foo: "bar", baz: 123, quz: [4, 5, 6]}

    v: jsonData,
)// Returns [123 34 98 97 122 34 58 49 50 51 44 34 102 111 111 34 58 34 98 97 114 34 44 34 113 117 122 34 58 91 52 44 53 44 54 93 125]

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