influxdb.api() function

influxdb.api() is experimental and subject to change at any time.

influxdb.api() submits an HTTP request to the specified InfluxDB API path and returns a record containing the HTTP status code, response headers, and the response body.

Note: influxdb.api() uses the authorization of the specified token or, if executed from the InfluxDB UI, the authorization of the InfluxDB user that invokes the script. Authorization permissions and limits apply to each request.

Response format

influxdb.api() returns a record with the following properties:

  • statusCode: HTTP status code returned by the GET request (int).
  • headers: HTTP response headers (dict).
  • body: HTTP response body (bytes).
Function type signature
    method: string,
    path: string,
    ?body: bytes,
    ?headers: [string:string],
    ?host: string,
    ?query: [string:string],
    ?timeout: duration,
    ?token: string,
) => {statusCode: int, headers: [string:string], body: bytes}
For more information, see Function type signatures.



(Required) HTTP request method.


(Required) InfluxDB API path.


InfluxDB host URL (Required when executed outside of InfluxDB). Default is "".


InfluxDB API token (Required when executed outside of InfluxDB). Default is "".


HTTP request headers.


URL query parameters.


HTTP request timeout. Default is 30s.


HTTP request body as bytes.


Retrieve the health of an InfluxDB OSS instance

import "experimental/influxdb"
import "influxdata/influxdb/secrets"

token = secrets.get(key: "INFLUX_TOKEN")

response = influxdb.api(method: "get", path: "/health", host: "http://localhost:8086", token: token)

string(v: response.body)

Create a bucket through the InfluxDB Cloud API

import "experimental/influxdb"
import "json"
import "influxdata/influxdb/secrets"

token = secrets.get(key: "INFLUX_TOKEN")

    method: "post",
    path: "/api/v2/buckets",
    host: "",
    token: token,
            v: {
                name: "example-bucket",
                description: "This is an example bucket.",
                orgID: "x000X0x0xx0X00x0",
                retentionRules: [],

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