Flux bigpanda package

The bigpanda package is a user-contributed package maintained by the package author and can be updated or removed at any time.

The Flux bigpanda package provides functions that send alerts to BigPanda. Import the contrib/rhajek/bigpanda package:

import "contrib/rhajek/bigpanda"


The BigPanda package provides the following options:

import "contrib/rhajek/bigpanda"

option bigpanda.defaultUrl = ""
option bigpanda.defaultTokenPrefix = "Bearer"


The default BigPanda alerts API URL for functions in the BigPanda package. Default is


The default HTTP authentication schema to use when authenticating with BigPanda. Default is Bearer.


Send alert timestamps to BigPanda

Sending alert timestamps to BigPanda is optional, but if you choose to send them, convert timestamps to epoch second timestamps:

    |> map(fn: (r) => ({ r with secTime: int(v: r._time) / 1000000000 }))

Package author and maintainer

Github: @rhajek, @bonitoo-io

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