Query Google Cloud Bigtable

To query Google Cloud Bigtable with Flux:

  1. Import the experimental/bigtable package.

  2. Use bigtable.from and provide the following parameters:

    • token: Google Cloud IAM token
    • project: Bigtable project ID
    • instance: Bigtable instance ID
    • table: Bigtable table to query
import "experimental/bigtable"

  token: "mySuPeRseCretTokEn",
  project: "exampleProjectID",
  instance: "exampleInstanceID",
  table: "example-table"

Results structure

bigtable.from() returns a stream of tables with no grouping (all rows in a single table). For more information about table grouping, see Flux data model - Restructure tables.

Store sensitive credentials as secrets

If using InfluxDB Cloud or InfluxDB OSS 2.x, we recommend storing Bigtable connection credentials as InfluxDB secrets. Use secrets.get() to retrieve a secret from the InfluxDB secrets API.

import "experimental/bigtable"
import "influxdata/influxdb/secrets"

bigtable_token = secrets.get(key: "BIGTABLE_TOKEN")
bigtable_project = secrets.get(key: "BIGTABLE_PROJECT_ID")
bigtable_instance = secrets.get(key: "BIGTABLE_INSTANCE_ID")

  token: bigtable_token,
  project: bigtable_project,
  instance: bigtable_instance,
  table: "example-table"

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