Flux standard library

The Flux standard library includes packages and functions that retrieve, transform, process, and output data. You can also create your own custom functions to perform operations that suit your needs.

Flux CSV package

The Flux CSV package provides functions for working with data in annotated CSV format. Import the csv package.

Flux Experimental package

The Flux Experimental package includes experimental functions that perform various tasks. Experimental functions are subject to change at any time and are not recommended for production use.

Flux InfluxDB v1 package

The Flux InfluxDB v1 package provides functions for managing data from an InfluxDB v1.x database or structured using the InfluxDB v1 data structure. Import the influxdata/influxdb/v1 package.

Flux built-in functions

Built-in functions provide a foundation for working with data using Flux. Because these functions are “built-in,” they do not require an import statement and are usable without any extra setup.

Flux math package

The Flux math package provides basic constants and mathematical functions. Import the math package.

Flux regular expressions package

The Flux regular expressions package includes functions that provide enhanced regular expression functionality. Import the regexp package.

Flux system package

The Flux system package provides functions for reading values from the system. Import the system package.

Create custom Flux functions

Create your own custom Flux functions to transform and manipulate data.

Flux SQL package

The Flux SQL package provides tools for working with data in SQL databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Import the sql package.

Flux date package

The Flux date package provides date and time constants and functions. Import the date package.

Flux runtime package

The Flux runtime package includes functions that provide information about the current Flux runtime. Import the runtime package.

Flux strings package

The Flux strings package provides functions to manipulate UTF-8 encoded strings. Import the strings package.

Flux testing package

The Flux testing package provides functions that test piped-forward data in specific ways. Import the testing package.

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