math.frexp() function

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of Flux, which is no longer actively developed. Flux v0.65 is the most recent stable version of Flux.

The math.frexp() function breaks f into a normalized fraction and an integral power of two. It returns frac and exp satisfying f == frac × 2**exp, with the absolute value of frac in the interval [½, 1).

Output data type: Object

import "math"

math.frexp(f: 22.0)

// Returns {frac: 0.6875, exp: 5}



The value used in the operation.

Data type: Float

Special cases

math.frexp(f: ±0)   // Returns {frac: ±0, exp: 0}
math.frexp(f: ±Inf) // Returns {frac: ±Inf, exp: 0}
math.frexp(f: NaN)  // Returns {frac: NaN, exp: 0}