fromCSV() function

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of Flux, which is no longer actively developed. Flux v0.65 is the most recent stable version of Flux.

The fromCSV() function retrieves data from a comma-separated value (CSV) data source. It returns a stream of tables. Each unique series is contained within its own table. Each record in the table represents a single point in the series.

Function type: Input
Output data type: Object

fromCSV(file: "/path/to/data-file.csv")

// OR

fromCSV(csv: csvData)



The file path of the CSV file to query. The path can be absolute or relative. If relative, it is relative to the working directory of the influxd process.

Data type: String


Raw CSV-formatted text.

CSV data must be in the CSV format produced by the Flux HTTP response standard. See the Flux technical specification for information about this format.

Data type: String


Query CSV data from a file

fromCSV(file: "/path/to/data-file.csv")

Query raw CSV-formatted text

csvData = "

fromCSV(csv: csvData)