Release Notes/Changelog

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of Flux, which is no longer actively developed. Flux v0.65 is the most recent stable version of Flux.

This is not a comprehensive changelog for Flux. The items below represent only end user-facing changes. For a complete changelog, see the Flux Github repository. This changelog also only includes versions of Flux released with InfluxDB.

v0.12.0 [2019-01-02]

A technical preview of Flux packaged with InfluxDB v1.7.3.


  • New functions: assertEquals(), influxFieldsAsColumns(), fromCSV(), highestMax(), highestAverage(), highestCurrent(), lowestMin(), lowestAverage(), lowestCurrent().
  • Parse string literal object keys.
  • Support packages and imports.
  • Rule to chain group operations.
  • Switch over to the new parser.

Bug fixes

  • Embed plan.DefaultCost in input and output functions.
  • Do not panic with unbalanced parenthesis.
  • Respect positive timeout for toHTTP.
  • Cancel all queries after timeout elapses.
  • Return the source attribute in the location correctly.
  • Collision between external and fresh type vars.
  • fmt for import and package.
  • Improve panic message when the wrong column type is used.
  • Check nil results when computing stats.
  • Suppress group push down for _time and _value.
  • Terminal output functions must produce results.
  • Improve error message for missing object properties.
  • Add unary logical expression to the parser.
  • Add missing comparison operators.

Breaking changes

  • Change label parameter to column for state tracking functions.
  • Remove fromRows() function.
  • Update to group() function parameters. Removed except, by, none, and all parameters. Added columns and mode parameters.
  • Update to drop() and keep() functions. fn parameters expect a column object.
  • New parser makes chaining operators case-sensitive. They should be lowercase: AND -> and, OR -> or.

v0.7.1 [2018-12-06]

A technical preview of Flux packaged with InfluxDB v1.7.2.


  • Add support for string comparison operators.
  • Add array indexing.
  • Add scanned values & bytes to Statistics.
  • Remove unused “verbose” flag.
  • Log flux.Spec and plans in log level “debug.”
  • Implement new Flux parser.

Bug Fixes

  • Return error in covariance() when a column doesn’t exist.
  • Switch the scanner interface for the parser.
  • Regular expression scanning would produce the wrong tokens.
  • Add arrow (=>) token to the scanner and rename the pipe tokens.
  • Regular expression escape sequences in the scanner.
  • Don’t push group() into from() when group mode is “except.”
  • Cancelling query context stops execution.
  • Add TableIterator.Statistics().

Breaking changes

  • Change the histogram() function’s buckets parameter to bins.
  • Change linearBuckets() and logarithmicBuckets to linearBins() and logarithmicBins().

v0.7.0 [2018-11-06]

A technical preview of Flux packaged with InfluxDB v1.7.0 and v1.7.1.