influxd-ctl remove-data

The influxd-ctl remove-data command removes a data node from an InfluxDB Enterprise cluster.

This command is destructive

influxd-ctl remove-data erases all data in the specified data node. Only use this command if you want to permanently remove a data node from your InfluxDB Enterprise cluster.

This command doesn’t delete metadata related to the removed data node from other nodes in the cluster. To remove all metadata about the removed data node, use influxd-ctl leave.


influxd-ctl remove-data [flags] <data-bind-address>


  • data-bind-address: TCP bind address of the data node to remove (host:port)


-forceForce the removal of a data node (useful if the node is unresponsive)


influxd-ctl remove-data data-node-03:8088

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