Renew or update a license key or file

Use this procedure to renew or update an existing license key or file, switch from a license key to a license file, or switch from a license file to a license key.

Note: To request a new license to renew or expand your InfluxDB Enterprise cluster, contact

To update a license key or file, do the following:

  1. If you are switching from a license key to a license file (or vice versa), delete your existing license key or file.
  2. Add the license key or file to your meta nodes and data nodes configuration settings. For more information, see how to configure InfluxDB Enterprise clusters.
  3. On each meta node, run service influxdb-meta restart, and wait for the meta node service to come back up successfully before restarting the next meta node. The cluster should remain unaffected as long as only one node is restarting at a time.
  4. On each data node, run killall -s HUP influxd to signal the influxd process to reload its configuration file.

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Set your InfluxDB URL

Linux Package Signing Key Rotation

All signed InfluxData Linux packages have been resigned with an updated key. If using Linux, you may need to update your package configuration to continue to download and verify InfluxData software packages.

For more information, see the Linux Package Signing Key Rotation blog post.

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