Install an InfluxDB Enterprise cluster for evaluation

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB Enterprise, which is no longer actively developed. InfluxDB Enterprise v1.8 is the most recent stable version of InfluxDB Enterprise.

The QuickStart installation process is designed for users looking to quickly get up and runnning in order to evaluate the product.

The QuickStart installation process is not designed for use in a production environment.

To use InfluxDB Enterprise in a production environment, follow the production installation instructions.

Please note that if you install InfluxDB Enterprise with the QuickStart installation process you will need to reinstall InfluxDB Enterprise with the Production Installation process before using the product in a production environment.

QuickStart installation

Follow the links below to get up and running with InfluxDB Enterprise.

Step 1 - Installing an InfluxDB Enterprise cluster

Step 2 - Installing Chronograf