Third party software

InfluxData products contain third party software, which means the copyrighted, patented, or otherwise legally protected software of third parties that is incorporated in InfluxData products.

Third party suppliers make no representation nor warranty with respect to such third party software or any portion thereof. Third party suppliers assume no liability for any claim that might arise with respect to such third party software, nor for a customer’s use of or inability to use the third party software.

InfluxDB Enterprise 1.10 includes the following third party software components, which are maintained on a version by version basis.

ASN1 BER Encoding / Decoding Library for the GO programming language (go-asn1-ber/ans1-ber)MITStatically linked
Cobra is a commander for modern Go CLI interactions (spf13/cobra)BSD 2-ClauseStatically linked
A golang registry for global request variables (gorilla/context)BSD 3-ClauseStatically linked
FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library (google/flatbuffers)Apache License 2.0Statically linked
Flux is a lightweight scripting language for querying databases (like InfluxDB) and working with data (influxdata/flux)Apache License 2.0Statically linked
GoConvey is a yummy Go testing tool for gophers (glycerine/goconvey)MITStatically linked
An immutable radix tree implementation in Golang (hashicorp/go-immutable-radix)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked
Some helpful packages for writing Go apps (markbates/going)MITStatically linked
Golang LRU cache implements a fixed-size thread safe LRU cache (hashicorp/golang-lru)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked
Codec - a high performance and feature-rich Idiomatic encode/decode and rpc library for msgpack and Binc (hashicorp/go-msgpack)BSD 3-ClauseStatically linked
A Golang library for exporting performance and runtime metrics to external metrics systems, i.e. statsite, statsd (armon/go-metrics)MITStatically linked
Generates UUID-format strings using purely high quality random bytes (hashicorp/go-uuid)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked
Collection of useful handlers for Go net/http package (gorilla/handlers)BSD 2-ClauseStatically linked
Golang implementation of JavaScript Object (dvsekhvalnov/jose2go)MITStatically linked
Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the Go programming language (go-ldap/ldap)MITStatically linked
Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the Go programming language (mark-rushakoff/ldapserver)BSD 3-ClauseStatically linked
A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang (gorilla/mux)BSD 2-ClauseStatically linked
pkcs7 implements parsing and creating signed and enveloped messages (fullsailor/pkcs7)MITStatically linked
Pretty printing for Go values (kr/pretty)MITStatically linked
Go language implementation of the Raft consensus protocol (hashicorp/raft)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked
Raft backend implementation using BoltDB (hashicorp/raft-boltdb)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked
General purpose extensions to golang’s database/sql (jmoiron/sqlx)MITStatically linked
Miscellaneous functions for formatting text (kr/text)MITStatically linked
Golang connection multiplexing library (hashicorp/yamux)Mozilla Public License 2.0Statically linked

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