Web Console Features

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of InfluxDB Enterprise, which is no longer actively developed. InfluxDB Enterprise v1.8 is the most recent stable version of InfluxDB Enterprise.

The Web Console provides a user interface for interacting with your InfluxEnterprise Cluster. Use the Web Console to:

  • View overall cluster health
  • View and, if necessary, kill active queries
  • Create new databases
  • Create new retention policies
  • Delete unwanted shards
  • Explore data and create graphs with the Data Explorer

Cluster rebalancing

The Web Console version 0.7.0+ allows users to easily rebalance data across all data nodes in the InfluxEnterprise Cluster. The Rebalance button is available on the Tasks page.

Performing a rebalance is useful if you’ve recently adjusted a retention policy’s replication factor or if you’ve added a data node to a cluster. Rebalancing a cluster:

  • Allocates existing shards such that each data node has roughly the same number of shards.
  • Ensures that all existing data adhere to the relevant replication factor.

Note that performing a rebalance can result in temporarily inconsistent data across data nodes. That inconsistency is not permanent and the cluster will resolve it over time.

Features Under Development

  • Additional support for raw InfluxQL queries
  • A UI for setting up monitoring and alerting rules within Kapacitor