Reporting Issues

Warning! This page documents an old version of Enterprise InfluxDB, which is no longer actively developed. Enterprise InfluxDB v1.3 is the most recent stable version of Enterprise InfluxDB.

When you have challenges with the InfluxEnterprise product, please contact support using the email we provided at the time of the signup. That will ensure your support tickets are routed directly to our private release support team.

Please include the following in your email:

  • the version of InfluxEnterprise, e.g. 1.0.2-c1.0.4
  • the version of Telegraf or Kapacitor, if applicable
  • what you expected to happen
  • what did happen
  • query output, logs, screenshots, and any other helpful diagnostic information
  • the results of the SHOW DIAGNOSTICS and SHOW STATS queries