chronoctl migrate

The migrate command lets you migrate your Chronograf configuration store.

By default, Chronograf is delivered with BoltDB as a data store. For information on migrating from BoltDB to an etc cluster as a data store, see Migrating to a Chronograf HA configuration.


chronoctl migrate [flags]


Flag Description Input type
-f, --from Full path to BoltDB file or etcd (e.g. ‘bolt:///path/to/chronograf-v1.db’ or ‘etcd://user:pass@localhost:2379 (default: chronograf-v1.db) string
-t, --to Full path to BoltDB file or etcd (e.g. ‘bolt:///path/to/chronograf-v1.db’ or ‘etcd://user:pass@localhost:2379 (default: etcd://localhost:2379) string

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