chronoctl add-superadmin

The add-superadmin command creates a new user with superadmin status.


chronoctl add-superadmin [flags]


FlagDescriptionInput type
-b, --bolt-pathFull path to boltDB file (e.g. ‘./chronograf-v1.db’)” env:“BOLT_PATH” default:“chronograf-v1.db”string
-i, --idUser ID for an existing useruint64
-n, --nameUser’s name. Must be Oauth-able email address or username.
-p, --providerName of the Auth provider (e.g. Google, GitHub, auth0, or generic)string
-s, --schemeAuthentication scheme that matches auth provider (default:oauth2)string
-o, --orgsA comma-separated list of organizations that the user should be added to (default:“default”)string

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