Create a Chronograf HA configuration

To create a Chronograf high-availability (HA) configuration using an etcd cluster as a shared data store, do the following:

  1. Install and start etcd
  2. Set up a load balancer for Chronograf
  3. Start Chronograf

Have an existing Chronograf configuration store that you want to use with a Chronograf HA configuration? Learn how to migrate your Chrongraf configuration to a shared data store.


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Install and start etcd

  1. Download the latest etcd release from GitHub. (For detailed installation instructions specific to your operating system, see Install and deploy etcd.)
  2. Extract the etcd binary and place it in your system PATH.
  3. Start etcd.

Start Chronograf

Run the following command to start Chronograf using etcd as the storage layer:

# Sytnax
chronograf --etcd-endpoints=<etcd-host>

# Example
chronograf --etcd-endpoints=localhost:2379

For more information, see Chronograf etcd configuration options.

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