Administering Chronograf

Warning! This page documents an old version of Chronograf, which is no longer actively developed. Chronograf v1.8 is the most recent stable version of Chronograf.

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Upgrading to Chronograf 1.4

Configuring Chronograf 1.4

Configuration options

Connecting Chronograf to InfluxDB Enterprise clusters

Creating InfluxDB and Kapacitor connections

Managing InfluxDB users in Chronograf

Managing Chronograf security

Managing Chronograf organizations

Managing Chronograf users

Transitioning from InfluxDB’s Web Admin Interface

Versions 1.3+ of InfluxDB OSS and InfluxDB Enterprise no longer support the web admin interface, the built-in user interface for writing and querying data in InfluxDB. Learn how to use Chronograf as a replacement for the web admin interface.