Release Notes/Changelog

v1.3.1 [2017-05-22]

Release notes

In versions 1.3.1+, installing a new version of Chronograf automatically clears the localStorage settings.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix infinite spinner when /chronograf is a basepath
  2. Remove the query templates dropdown from dashboard cell editor mode
  3. Fix the backwards sort arrows in table column headers
  4. Make the logout button consistent with design
  5. Fix the loading spinner on graphs
  6. Filter out any template variable values that are empty, whitespace, or duplicates
  7. Allow users to click the add query button after selecting singleStat as the visualization type
  8. Add a query for windows uptime - thank you, @brianbaker!


  1. Add log event handler - thank you, @mpchadwick!
  2. Update Go (golang) vendoring to dep and committed vendor directory
  3. Add autocomplete functionality to template variable dropdowns

UI Improvements

  1. Refactor scrollbars to support non-webkit browsers
  2. Increase the query builder’s default height in cell editor mode and in the data explorer
  3. Make the template variables manager more space efficient
  4. Add page spinners to pages that did not have them
  5. Denote which source is connected in the sources table
  6. Use milliseconds in the InfluxDB dashboard instead of nanoseconds
  7. Notify users when local settings are cleared

v1.3.0 [2017-05-09]

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix the link to home when using the --basepath option
  2. Remove the notification to login on the login page
  3. Support queries that perform math on functions
  4. Prevent the creation of blank template variables
  5. Ensure thresholds for Kapacitor Rule Alerts appear on page load
  6. Update the Kapacitor configuration page when the configuration changes
  7. Fix Authentication when using Chronograf with a set basepath
  8. Show red indicator on Hosts Page for an offline host
  9. Support escaping from presentation mode in Safari
  10. Re-implement level colors on the alerts page
  11. Fix router bug introduced by upgrading to react-router v3.0
  12. Show legend on Line+Stat visualization type
  13. Prevent queries with :dashboardTime: from breaking the query builder


  1. Add line-protocol proxy for InfluxDB/InfluxEnterprise Cluster data sources
  2. Add :dashboardTime: to support cell-specific time ranges on dashboards
  3. Add support for enabling and disabling TICKscripts that were created outside Chronograf
  4. Allow users to delete Kapacitor configurations

UI Improvements

  1. Save user-provided relative time ranges in cells
  2. Improve how cell legends and options appear on dashboards
  3. Combine the measurements and tags columns in the Data Explorer and implement a new design for applying functions to fields.
  4. Normalize the terminology in Chronograf
  5. Make overlays full-screen
  6. Change the default global time range to past 1 hour
  7. Add the Source Indicator icon to the Configuration and Admin pages

See Chronograf’s CHANGELOG on GitHub for information about the 1.2.0-beta releases.

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