About the project

Warning! This page documents an earlier version of Kapacitor Enterprise, which is no longer actively developed. "Kapacitor Enterprise" v1.5 is the most recent stable version of Kapacitor Enterprise.

Release notes/changelog

Kapacitor Enterprise is available with a commercial license. Contact sales for more information.

Third party software

InfluxData products contain third party software, which means the copyrighted, patented, or otherwise legally protected software of third parties, that is incorporated in InfluxData products.

Third party suppliers make no representation nor warranty with respect to such third party software or any portion thereof. Third party suppliers assume no liability for any claim that might arise with respect to such third party software, nor for a customer’s use of or inability to use the third party software.

In addition to third party software incorporated in Kapacitor, Kapacitor Enterprise incorporates the following additional third party software:

Third Party / Open Source Software - Description Licensor Software
Go supplementary cryptography libraries Google
Go supplementary network libraries Google
Service orchestration and management tool. Mozilla 2.0
gRPC Command line interface for any gRPC service in Go MIT
A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions Apache 2.0
Package grpc implements an RPC system called gRPC. BSD 3

Thanks to the open source community for your contributions!