Chronograf Product FAQ

Is this new version Chronograf a Grafana replacement?

No. One of the key features added to Chronograf was to make Kapacitor easier to use by providing it with a user interface. The new user interface makes it easy for users to see their data, set alerts, and quickly experiment with the settings without having to create and upload a TICKscript. We are still big fans of Grafana and will continue to offer it with our InfluxCloud solution.

Can I continue to use the closed source version of Chronograf?

Yes. The open source release of Chronograf should be viewed as a bare-bones release to get into the hands of the community for testing and feedback. We will be updating this project roughly every 2 weeks based on early adopter feedback. In the meantime, users can continue to use the closed source version of Chronograf. The closed source documentation is available under Chronograf Versions at the bottom of the the left navigation bar.

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